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Shout Out Festival: Maghayag at Lumikha is a seven-day culminating festival featuring 9 shorts films and plays from the enrollees of the National Artist Ricky Lee and Palanca Hall of Fame Awardee Rody Vera’s writing masterclasses. 

Shout Out Festival is one of the few if not the first Education-based Mentorship Festival of its kind.
Be part of virtual discussions, talkbacks and Q&A with the artists and mentors, and get yourself FREE access to self-paced playwriting and/or scriptwriting courses.
Join Shout Out Festival!
Raffy Tejada
Rody Vera
Multi-awarded Playwright, Palanca Hall of Famer, Founder of Virgin Labfest & Writer’s Bloc.
Ricky Lee
National Artist for Broadcast & Film Most Produced and Awarded Screenwriter Mentoring Writers for 3 decades now.
Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London.
Jeffrey Jeturian
 Board of Festival Directors 
Actor, Artistic Director of Harlequin Theater Guild , De La Salle University & Chairman of the Shout Out Board of Festival Directors.
Independent Performance-maker, Theater Director, Actor, and Educator.
Cristina Martinez-Juan
Award-winning Film & Television Director. He was awarded as the Gawad Urian Best Director in 2007. 
Issa Manalo Lopez
Filmmaker, Founder and Chief Creative Producer of Pelikulove.
Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil
 Hybrid Shorts Finalists 
Meet the writers behind the Shout Out Fest Films & Play entries
 Andrew Estacio 
Quarantine 5
Andrew is a storywriter, playwright and stage actor and an educator from UP Los Banos.
 B. Salvador 
Ilaw sa Labas Ng Tahanan
B. Salvador is a playwright member of Sining Banwa who believes there are still so many stories unheard of that should be voiced out.
 Dada Grifon 
No Trespassing
Dada is currently taking her Master's Degree in Film at UP Diliman. Moved by stories tackling pressing social issues and human rights, her winning script is based on her own experience of terror.
 Jovi Juan 
Jovi is a visual artist, writer, and technologist living in England. His work has been exhibited in New York, London, San Francisco, Marfa, Texas, and Cebu City, Philippines.
 Paul Dela Cruz 
How to Make An Effective Campaign Ad
Paul is a graduate of Industrial Design but considers himself a “walking cliché of a struggling filmmaker” whose dream is given a chance in this festival.
 Ralph Morales 
Libro for Ransom
Ralph is one who always finds ways to make his parents proud. A brand manager for P&G. Libro for Ransom is his debut screenplay inspired by his love for cinema and history.
 Raymund T. Barcelon 
When a Manananggal Loves A Man
Raymund has written for television in various formats such as comedy, talk/variety, musical concerts, and drama. This is his first attempt in playwriting.
 Rogelio Braga 
Rogelio Braga is an exiled playwright, novelist, essayist, and a political activist from the Philippines. He is currently a political refugee in the UK supported by the Kanlungan Filipino Consortium.
'Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown
 Viva Andrada O'Flynn 
Cooking With Love
Viva Andrada O'Flynn is an Entrepreneur, Event Organizer, Podcaster, Writer, and Secretary of Filipino Association of Gloucestershire.  
Council Member
Renowned Actress and Writer for Film, Theater & Television
Bibeth Orteza
Council Chairman
Professor of Cultural Studies and Film Critique at Inha University, South Korea
Joel David
Council Member
Educator, Award-winning Playwright & Artistic Director of Tanghalang Ateneo
Glenn Mas
For questions & inquiries, e-mail us at